Saturday, January 21, 2012

SURPRISE! #smilesallaround

Today I recieved the most precious gift on my door step. It was such a lazy Saturday, I reluctantly went over to finish the remainder of my workout, I owed my trainer 30 min. since she closes early on Friday nights. (I forgot)

I  then went to watch my 11 year old play a very fiesty and exciting game of basketball shortly after, came home and literally dove into my warm, comfortable and cozy bed for the next 3 hours. This week has been ROUGH.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I noticed that I had missed a call from my daughter who is away at college, I called her back to find that she was 5 min. from home. YAAAYYY.. What a pleasant surprise, as I miss her so much (she's my only girl) and nothing could have brightened my day more than seeing her adorable face!

Tomorrow is my mom's 78th birthday (can you believe) which is absolutely amazing because she appears to look and act 50. What an amazing woman she is, and oh how she loves my children. I wanted to call her immediately and notify her that the love of her life was home, but we will save that for tomorrow. (It's killling me) she would have been over here faster than the speed of light if she knew, but it will warm her heart tomorrow even more.

Love my Steph and love my Mom so much!
Happy Saturday folks!

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