Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm LOVING Health-full breads! Thanks to BzzAgent and Health-full breads!

 As you know just how busy I've been lately with my fitness challenge and all (5 weeks down, and 3 to go!) but I wanted to let some of my fellow bloggers know something exciting that I am up to as well! I joined which is a pretty fantastic avenue connecting  people and their favorite brands since 2001.  BzzAgent also happens to be the leading social marketing company. Let me make a long story short: Hundreds of thousands of every day consumers like you and I get to try out FANTASTIC products for FREE and share our true opinions about the product with our friends and family by: Taking surveys, writing reviews, posting on FB, using photos, blog posts etc. Now how can you beat that? There's no catch, or else I wouldn't be so excited  about it myself! I just received my first campaign packet in the mail, which provided me with FREE Sample coupons to purchase my health-full bread! I chose Brownberry's whole grain/12 grain bread and my family absolutely raved over it. This is impressive, because it was difficult to get my husband and my children to even switch to just wheat bread, let alone a healthy whole grain 12 grain bread. I am hoping for many more exciting campaigns to come, so I can try out more great products and give my honest opinion!

Tremendous thanks to & Health-full breads!
You have made believers out of my entire family :)" alt=""/>

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