Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LG OLED found at Best Buy -A Spectacular Holiday Gift for the Entire Family!

~Welcome to the Holiday #Hinting Season~

What is the advantage of owning a LG OLED TV? Let me explain what having an OLED will mean for you:
  • You will own a state of the art LG OLED which means the design of this television is only 0.17 " wide at it's most narrow point
  • You will experience Superior picture quality with immeasurable contrast ranging from fiery whites to obsidian blacks
  • You will  revel in the 4 Color Pixel components which  execute intense, luminous hues for your viewing pleasure

The perks of Best Buy's LG OLED TV are endless:
  • Infinite Contrast- With fascinating self-lighting pixels switch on and off individually, offering the first infinite contrast ratio. Higher is better, and infinite has been impossible until now..

  • 4 Color Pixel- A white sub-pixel is added to the traditional colors (red, green and blue) enhancing and improving  the OLED pixel's ability to express more realistic colors. The 4 Color Pixel is LG's exclusive innovation for the next-generation OLED TV.

  • Pencil Thin- This incredibly thin OLED TV has a depth of only .017"(about the width of a pencil). The wafer thin architecture and ingenious components enable a simple featherweight design.

  • Curved Screen- Talk about upgrading your viewing pleasure. The unique screen is created so that your eyes are of equal distance from all parts of the screen while watching. Best Buy is offering this clever spin on technology, for a mere everyday price of $3499.99.

  • WebOS- The new WebOS  is a straightforward platform. The perceptive interface features an exclusive menu which incorporates all of your entertainment choices, organizes viewing history, what's on live TV, and what you may want to watch next, while the LG store is prepared to distribute current movies, TV shows and apps.

You can find out more about the captivating LG OLED TV here LGOLEDatBestbuy.com

Get your Holiday shop on, and participate in the upcoming holiday #Hinting Season!

LG  55EC9300 SKU# 7846019 – OLED TV

*I (the reviewer) have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free*
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