Monday, October 15, 2018

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player..If you can see it, you can stream it..

Head to @BestBuy NOW for your Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player shown here:

There's nothing like getting the family TOGETHER to watch:
  • All your favorite movies
  • All your favorite TV shows
  • Exclusive live TV
  • Amazing YouTube videos

Can you imagine simply plugging Chromecast in to the HDMI port on your TV and being able to stream your favorite playlists, and shows while you still navigate freely on your phone with just one simple tap?
Google Chromecast is compatible with over 2000 apps, such as:
  • Netflix
  • HBO Now
  • YouTube
  • You Tube TV
Plug into any TV to enjoy music, games, sports and movies that you love!
Chromecast also works well with a variety of laptops, and Apple and Android devices too.
Get more information

Try streaming by voice command using compatible apps and go hands free. Chromecast & @madebygoogle, are absolute besties, they go hand in hand.
"Hey Google, play Handmaids Tale from Hulu on my bedroom TV" Say no more!

Upgrade your TV for next to nothing. Don't buy a new TV, when you can afford to use this media player for every TV in your home.
  • High speed connection
  • HDTV compatibility
  • Simple high definition connection with HDMI
  • Some subscriptions are necessary for viewing(please note)
Chromecast was designed to make the most of the apps and entertainment that you and your family already enjoy. Just one tap is all it takes!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Start T"winning" w/LG'S Twin Wash System- paired with LG's Sidekick Pedestal Washer!

Have you dropped  in on Best Buy to check out LG's amazing Twin Wash system? If not.. you are seriously missing out!

Have your cake and eat it while waiting on your small loads that need to be washed "right now" The LG Sidekick Pedestal washer can do just that. Imagine a world, where you can quickly wash a small  load and your bigger load at the exact same time. Fantastic, right? The sidekick is my favorite feature. (Throw those workout clothes right in after the gym) I wash clothes frequently, so the 1.0 cu. ft. accommodation is the perfect size to wash as often as necessary.

  • delicates
  • hand wash only
  • workout gear
I am also in love with the magnetic remote- so easy to stop or start a load.

Check out the magnificent features of the LG Twin Wash and Sidekick HERE

A washer that I can fill to capacity is a necessity in my household and the front loading LG can handle it all. Did I forget to tell you how energy efficient the LG washers are, or that LG's are chosen more than any other brand? Well.. I'm telling you now.

Check out these dates:
From 1/11/18-4/25/18 you can save $500 off of a LG laundry solution for your home. Who doesn't
want to save $500?!

*I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card and/or received the product/service for free*

Friday, December 15, 2017

A GREAT Time was had by all at The Harlem Globetrotters Game! Use Promo code FUNFAM!

We had such a fantastic time at the game. The youngest truly enjoyed all the fun and antics, and participation from the crowd.
The Globetrotters really get the families involved, dancing, shooting baskets etc.

There was  even an opposing team of  villains which kept things interesting.

This is Flips. He was literally sitting on the hoop, and flipped down after he was finished entertaining us all.
You can enjoy The Harlem globetrotters in your city too. Just head to the site and DON'T FORGET to us the promo code FUNFAM! You can save 25% on ALL games! The Harlem Globetrotters do not disappoint!

I always enjoyed the Globetrotters when I was younger. I always had a great time, and now have the opportunity to let my family join in on the FUN!

You can have FUN too!

You can save 25% for ALL Harlem Globetrotter's games using promo code FUNFAM

I will be enjoying a star-studded roster consisting of Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard and Cheese Chisholm- plus amazing female stars TNT Lister, Ace Jackson and Hoops Green! The Harlem Globetrotter's Show is unrivaled in the world of family entertainment. The 2018 World Tour will show just how amazing their ball handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, and hilarious comedy can truly be. After the game, The Globetrotters will sign some autographs, and take some photos with their fans. Can't wait to join in the FUN!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Enter to Win a Measurable Difference Eyeshadow Palette to enhance your Natural Beauty!

I have something really special for you and when I say special, I usually have a CONTEST in the works!

Measurable Difference is a  brand created for women around the world. Women who wish to explore natural products that enhance and accommodate every lifestyle.

The eyes have it! Let them pop and show dramatic expression with one of the innovative Desert Nights Eyeshadow palettes. These luxurious shadows create amazing definition and successfully make any woman feel gorgeous no matter the age.

Measurable Difference is available all over the world at popular venues such as:

Measurable Difference includes more than just beauty products, they also include weekly newsletters, blog posts, tips, tricks, events and much more.

Don't forget to enter below for your chance to win/try a palette for yourself. Help promote your natural beauty starting NOW.. at MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Valentina Even Glow Serum- Review

It is unfortunate, that our skin is subjected to extensive trauma daily thanks to pollutants in our environment, stress, and ingredients in the cosmetics we use each day.
I am all about using natural products on my skin, and was pleased to have the opportunity to try Even Glow Serum by Valentina skin care. The formulation of this product has been researched extensively, and all natural ingredients have been exclusively chosen to create a premium product.

A Vitamin C base combined with a blend of super skin oils has been shown to result in
a powerful antioxidant treatment for the skin.

Valentina's Even Glow Serum practices the 4 R's concept:
  • Repair
  • Refresh
  • Renew
  • Restore
You will notice the difference each time you catch your reflection.

 Valentina Even Glow Serum contains amazing natural ingredients:
  • Vitamin C-helps to jumpstart the body's immune system, while keeping skin firm, smooth and youthful. Vitamin C also reduces the toll that sun exposure takes on the skin.
  • Organic Rosehip Seed Oil-enhances the Vitamin C base while providing essential antioxidants
  • Organic Buckthorn Oil-enhances the Vitamin C base while helping to promote skin hydration and protect skin from signs of aging
  • Resistem-Plant Stem Cells that provide protection from stress-related aging and promote skin  to regenerate and aids in skin detoxification
  • Hyaluronic Acid- A botanical that draws moisture from the environment and onto the skin's surface-known as the most effective moisturizing agent due to it's ability to penetrate deeply and activate collagen providing a more youthful appearance
  • Green Tea Extract- Contains catechins which contribute to the anti-inflammatory/irritant benefits of this beauty product

I loved this product, it was very simple to use- Just a light shake to mix ingredients in the small bottle and apply to a clean/dry face-I applied to my face and neck and let dry before applying any other type of moisturizer to my skin. I used the product daily, and after approximately 5 days, began to see visible results:
  • Skin tone was definitely more even, I noticed that a few of my darker spots were quickly fading
  • My skin took on  a renewed brightness, I looked like I had a full night's rest, even when I had not
  • Moisture had been restored to my skin, the winter weather has dehydrated my face for the most part-I noticed that my skin no longer appeared dry or ashy
  • My skin appeared refreshed  and a lot more smooth to the touch
 I noticed a significant difference in my skin after using this product for a few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and would recommend this EASY natural ingredient infused beauty regimen to everyone!

.*I received product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions written here are my own.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Enjoy Mrs. Cavanaugh's World Famous Chocolates!

I had the tremendous opportunity to try something absolutely delectable. Mrs. Cavanaugh's World Famous Chocolates. I love the inspiring story behind the recipe that was the jumpstart to Marie's very own candy business empire! Marie's Aunt sent her a pecan-roll recipe, and Marie gave it her own special touch and started dipping chocolates in addition. Friends and neighbors were delighted, and strongly urged Marie to start her very own candy business. With the help of her husband and five children, it became much easier to keep up with the high demand. In 1972 the family moved to Utah to dive into their new, lucrative venture, which is known today as Mrs. Cavanaugh's Candies.

I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into these chocolates.. the caramel and cherry cordial were my favorites.  I enjoyed every single milk chocolate bite. I had to basically hide them from my husband, and everyone else in the house. I truly did not want to share this much deliciousness.

So many choices, I don't think anyone can eat just one! I enjoyed several.
Now.. THIS is quality chocolate.. are you hypnotized yet?
I eventually had to share with Mr. Parks, because he was pouting.
These clusters were at the top of the list!
You can enjoy all of these amazing flavors in the 1lb box:
Most Famous Chocolates:
  • Cherry Cordial
  • Brady
  • Caramel
  • Penoche
  • White Trinidad
  • Mindy Mint
  • Toffee
  • Peanut Cluster
  • Cherry Almond
  • Light Cavalier
  • French Mint
  • Lemon Creme
  • Rough Rum
  • Orange Creme
  • Helen
  • Almond Cluster
  • Rough Delight
  • Haystack
The candy bars were exquisite, we enjoyed these sweet treats like nobody's business. The flavors I received were:
  • Caramel
  • White Chocolate Almond Coconut
  • Mindy Mint
  • Dark Chocolate Almond
These bars were so good and literally melted in my mouth. They also would
 make the perfect gift for any occasion, or just for your own personal sweet satisfaction.

There are so many different varieties of chocolates and other sweet treats to enjoy thanks to Mrs. Cavanaugh, you are even able to create you own box with your favorite selections. You are also able to go on a Factory Tour scheduled by appointment Monday-Friday. If you are ever heading to Salt Lake, Utah please stop in and say hello and get yourself some World Famous treats! Or.. you can order them online here MRSCAVANAUGH'SWORLDFAMOUSCANDIES

*I received product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions written here, are my own.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's HINTING Season! Is The Canon EOS Rebel T5i on your BEST BUY Wish List ?!

I know that it's on my #hintingseason list this year. I have a Canon Rebel myself and I love it with every ounce of my soul. I would love to upgrade my existing Canon. Now is the time. Wouldn't you love to save $150 on The Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy this holiday season? This offer is only valid 12/7/14-12/20/14.

 The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the top selling DSLR cameras to purchase for exceptional image quality. I love to post impressive photos on my blog, precision Digital Imaging is key for an ideal post. I appreciate the ease of advanced photography with a camera that displays incredible features, and the most ingenious visual interpretations.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  • Captures full sophisticated high caliber full HD video
  • Exhibits a continuous auto focus while recording HD video
  • Features an 18.0 megapixel CMOS (semiconductor light sensor) and a DIGIC 5 (Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit) and is Canon's unique family of signal processing and control units for digital cameras/camcorders to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images
  • Has a 3" vari-angle touch screen that simplifies navigation 

It is imperative in this day and age to equip yourself with quality tools that will enhance your life and initiate your hobbies. I work hard to play even harder. I appreciate the cost-effective finer things in life, and The Canon Rebel EOS T5i is one of those things.

Visit BEST BUY right now to see what your family and friends have on their #hintingseason lists this year, and Don't forget to Join the Twitter Party on December 18th @ 7p.m. CST for your chance to win Best Buy gift cards and other tremendous prizes!

*I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are indeed my own.