Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was able to come up with a fabulous idea for my cakes! I visited one of my local upscale cake shops The White Flower Cake Shop and they are going to make miniature individualized wedding cakes for everyone's place setting, the cakes will be in my wedding theme colors of ivory and chocolate brown -will all be decorated in a different one of a kind design, and will come delivered free of charge.[The venue for the reception is right across the street from the cake shop] They will all be different flavors chosen by me and will state which flavors and filling they are with a small label discreetly placed on the bottom of the box, The boxes will sport their own ribbons in my theme colors with a tag saying thank you for joining us on our special day.
This was a great idea as we will not have to cut and box cake, and after the tremendous meal we will have, everyone can take their cake home with them in their own personalized box as they may be too full to even attempt dessert. The miniature individualized cakes cost me a total of $132.00.
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