Sunday, December 14, 2008


I once again wanted to go with something personal and classy and wanted to do something that was more my taste, I called my local wine/liquor store and found it a great deal to purchase cases of miniature champagne at $24.00 per case! Seriously, how can you beat that? A lot of other places I checked online were trying to sell the cases for at least $139, Ummm.. what??? Also a friendly gentleman at the store informed me that I could get as many extras or individual bottles that I wanted for just $1.49 a bottle, he even was wise enough to ask me if I was looking for a sweeter champagne or a dry champagne and let me know what was the most popular for weddings. I am going with the sweeter version, I also went in for a tasting and was pleasantly surprised, I thought of going as far as having the labels personalized, BUT the bottles are really nice enough to stand on their own.. This champagne is called Verdi and is a sweet refreshing spumante, you really can't go wrong and look at the bottle, it's perfect!
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