Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a burnt orange kind of day...

It's one of those days.. I have my personal training session tonight [not looking forward to it] but I know it does my body good so.... off I go.. Here at work, thinking about what I can eat [healthy] for breakfast, the only thing that is popping into my head is [very bad fattening] things.. Oatmeal? No.. not today, I'm just not in the mood. Today our fashionista is displaying: Gorgeous shellac shell earrings[lots of compliments when I wear these:New York & Co Burnt Orange fitted top:Target=Mossimo Simple tailored khakis:New York & Co Multi-beaded accent necklace:TJ Maxx Dooney multi-colored wristlet:Dooney & Bourke Nude Wedges:Gianni Bini Transitioning to Natural Hair:"Priceless"
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