Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday........I'm always up for a challenge..

We will be headed out *early* tomorrow morning due to the urging of the oldest, adult college child that has returned home for the holiday. She has a plan, which I expected, so it's not going to be horrific like I think, right? First stop will be Victoria's Secret because we have coupons that come in the mail that we *love* and then to B & B Works to spend <THIS (Thanks LALynn)  We also have additional coupons that grant us with *free*stuff. Oh the joys..

We will then head to Beachwood Place to hit their stores at 8a.m. We are not lucky enough to have H & M and Forever21 at Great Lakes Mall..So it's a two shop stop, type of expedition.

Wish us luck, I will of course try to get a few great shots of our 1st Black Friday Journey, stay tuned..

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