Friday, November 25, 2011

A SIC*k* pair of shoes....

I've been searching high and low for a dynamic pair of running shoes as of late. Mr. Parks and I have been training for almost a year now, and my tried and true Nike shoes are shot. We plan to run a few half marathons, maybe even a marathon this year, and yes BLACK GIRLS RUN (check out the site)and so do guys!  Mr. Crazy Parks wants to work up to a Triathlon, but I'm not quite there yet.. So... back to the shoes.. While perusing through my Oprah mag today I spotted these fantabulous kicks!

They are the Asic Gel -Noosa Tri 6 and I actually prefer the men's version on the left and up above, I am loving the vibrant colors! Are you kidding me? Look at these babies!

These shoes are actually designed for triathletes and are expected to be worn barefoot, with an open-mesh upper and a perforated sock liner to keep your feet cool as cucumbers. I'm in running shoe heaven, I'm so in love.

The price tag sits at $120 but that is normally the average for a decent pair of running shoes.

Mr. Parks has been running in the Asic Nimbus for about six months, and absolutely swears by them. He also was forever devoted to Nike.

I am just picturing how fun these shoes are, and I've heard nothing but excellent reviews on the Asic brand on all the running sites and in the running mags. I am absolutely sold, can't wait to order them if I can't find them in the stores :)

So glad the weekend  is just beginning, hope you all had a tremendous holiday!
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