Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little LALynn and a GREAT giveaway go a long way, see what I was able to snag...

Black Friday was so much fun fantastic. I headed out with my little collegiate prodigy and her BFF from home,we hit the stores at the crack of dawn.. I just couldn't wait to dive into Bath & Body Works and spend the $25 gift card I was lucky  blessed enough to win from LALynn's giveaway seen on this post HERE. I'm a regular customer of B & B since forever, so I receive all of the swag-like coupons in the mail. I definitely make good use out of them.

I had one of these:Thank you LAlynn *my new friend*

One of These:Buy three get three free, including the Signature Collections.

And one of These: A free item up to $13 with a $10 purchase.

I took advantage of the buy three get three free, and ended up with: Paris Amour lotion/ Be Enchanted lotion/body spray/Winter Candy Apply lotion/body spray/Jingle Bellini lotion. All the scents are simply wonderful and I can't wait to use every last drop!

 And of course these!The Mistle-toes Shea infused Lounge Socks. They were my free item. They're so soft and plush, and perfect for these frigid winter nights.

 BTW I ended up having a balance of $11.27 after my purchase but...  Remember my $10 mall gift card from Beachwood Place's Compassion from Fashion event seen HERE ? (Remember Mr. Parks getting his Gap jeans for *free*) with his card? Well $1.27 later I was out the door! All of that product for $1.27? Be still my heart!

**Once again, a special Thank You to LALynn! She Rocks!

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