Friday, November 18, 2011

Stuck in an elevator.. Fatal Attraction..

I was heading up to the office today and looked over. My eyes popped because a very elegant young lady was holding *this*
Kate Spade handbag

I hurriedly scoped out the gold name plate on the front *Kate Spade* I couldn't take my eyes off of the object of my fatal Spadel attraction. I was friendly and inquired about this gorgeous bag in all of it's Italian felt; patent cowhide trim, and 14k gold plated hardware glory! The elegant lady said it was *pricey* but she *just had to have it*, I could see why..The pictures don't do it justice. Please look here
I went upstairs and of course logged on to and then found this glorious winter bag in even more insatiable colors. It's called the Fox Chapel Renee, and I'm in love. The cost is currently $325 and would make a perfect Christmas gift..*ahem* Mr. Parks.

Also check out the shorter smaller version in red below the Fox Chapel Shari..$295. I adore this amazing bag!
Have a wonderful weekend and anticipate some amazing pictures from Mr. Parks & I at this Saturday's exclusive fashion event Compassion From Fashion at Beachwood Place

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