Friday, December 2, 2011

I am Forever 21.. at heart..

I've been cuttin' up lately, I mean really having fun. I haven't had the time to take any really good photos during these days that start dark and end dark by the time I return home. I have been getting several much appreciated compliments on my shoe game as of late, which I giggle at, because I've always been in the shoe game full force! So I was just sitting here, admiring my Forever 21 suede/heeled bucks, I love them! They go with almost everything, today I am wearing them proudly on *jeans day* Friday, and they are making me proud, parlaying as an amazing pair of kicks! BTW $7.99 at my specialty store!

Have a wonderful weekend and of course, always stay fashion forward my friends!

*4 more GFC followers and it's giveaway time!
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