Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I *heart* CHICAGO!

I really do.. and if it weren't for my children I would move there tomorrow. The city is so alive and it's always buzzing non-stop. Mr. Parks loves Chicago just as much as I do. I actually introduced him to the windy city when I met him.. We share a love.. I try to go at least three times a year and I think I will try to dash there again in July when it's hubby's b-day.. Oh! & perhaps because  the Taste of Chicago is that weekend :)
Here are just a few quick photos I wanted to share with you all..If you haven't been, you don't know what you're missing.. The shopping/food/atmosphere are amazing..
It also doesn't hurt, that we hop on Megabus.com which sometimes only costs us $6 for two - round trip. Hey..I'm all about a bargain!
We arrive at Union Station by bus or train normally.

Wow..Just take a look at this city, I'm ready to shop!

Heading over the bridge, made sure my walking shoes were on!
LOVE this city!

Hangin' out w/Ms. Monroe

Some of the best chocolate.. ever..
Headed to Wicker Park on the Blue line.

The Polo Store
Wicker Park, a fun, funky little morsel

The cashew Turtles @ Navy Pier were ridiculous, we bought three boxes !
The Trump Plaza Hotel

Time to go so soon? I looooovvveee this city!!
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