Sunday, October 14, 2012

Influenster-FREE to join and NEW & IMPROVED site with AWESOME Opportunities

Do you remember months ago when I posted this???:
Have you joined Influenster yet? If you haven't you certainly don't know what you're missing!
Let me explain...Influenster is a dynamic community of trendsetters that are given exceptional opportunities to share their lifestyles and exhibit their amazing influence to qualify and participate in:
personalized product shipments/special rewards/exclusive deals from brands we all know, love and want to spread the word about.

I am so pleased to announce the new and improved Influenster site that is FREE to join and has so many badges and awesome opportunities to participate in! Now with your participation you will receive an Influenster score, which is exciting, as there are several chances to earn badges for any and everything!
You will:
Share true and accurate product reviews
As an Influenster influencer, have exclusive chances to get invited into many Influenster programs
Try amazing products that are geared toward your lifestyle before the rest of the world
Participate actively and increase your reward opportunities
Have a chance to participate in online challenges, play games and share this tremendous program throughout your social networks
This forum is a fantastic place to share what interests you with your friends, and to use your social networks to involve yourself in many opportunities, that are well worth the time and effort!

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