Thursday, December 27, 2012

Are you a Minx, Vixen, or a Stunner?

Maybe just maybe you are all three.
Pucker up and pay close attention to this kissable campaign.

I didn't think I would have to tell you just how much I LOVE being a BzzAgent, but I will. I thought you would have joined by now just to experience the excitement and joy that each FREE product campaign brings.
Now I'm not one to kiss and tell, unless the product is amazing enough to share. Covergirl blastflipsticks pack a dual color punch into a single stick, now flip! Are you following? On one end you're enamored with the perfect blend of creamy color, and then a burst of shimmering sass on the dual end seals the deal. Catch up yet?

There are 13 impressive shades to choose from at many of your most popular retail and grocery stores. Suggested retail is $8.49, remember this lipstick is a two for!
Minus $2 if you snagged the coupon or received one of mine.

I'm a Vixen at heart, which was the first shade I applied. It was a deep,rich, raspberry shade of excitement. The flip side was a pearlescent pink for a more subtle innocent look, paired together I was picturing the devil on one end and the angel on the other. The blend of the two was a pleasant, peaceful surprise.

The next shade brought out my inner Minx. The flirtatious part of me came alive! The bronze beauty side meets the golden sun-kiss, and the perfect compliment to my brown skin. I enjoyed this flipstick, it was doing the most.

Then we had the #1 Stunner, although it was #3 on my list. The red end was indeed stunning, but not so much on me, held hands nicely with the coppery gold end, but just couldn't come to an agreement on my lips. Sometimes even lip-color can agree to disagree!

I enjoyed this campaign and the simple, unique packaging of this product. I look forward to more BzzAgent Campaigns like this in the future!

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