Wednesday, April 2, 2014

13 Reasons Why You Need a COOBIE In Your Life.. Review Update


I received two Coobies to review in exchange for my honest option- I thought they were extremely comfortable and it almost felt like I had nothing on at times, which I loved. I do need just a bit more support in my bras, so I was hoping for a little more cup-support than I experienced. I found that I mostly wore my Coobies around the house, but didn't wear them as much outside of the house, because they lacked that added support I need. The Coobies washed well, but I had to adjust the inner padding a few times, even though I line-dried the Coobs.. Overall, I loved these bras, but they are more of a casual type bra for me. I need a little more structure and support underneath my every day clothing-

If you are anything like me, you may find it difficult to find the perfect bra.. Here's where the COOBIE comes in..

Coobie = A Seamless Bra that is extremely comfortable and versatile and is commonly referred to as The Most Comfortable Bra Ever..

While you are taking that in, let me explain how you will never have to sacrifice even an ounce of style while basking in the luxury of this undergarment..

13 Reasons why you need a Coobie in your life:
  •  A Coobie is affordable
  •  A Coobie is ultra-stylish
  • A Coobie is seamless
  • A Coobie  comfortably fits 32A through 36D
  • A Coobie is available in 7+ sizes 
  • A Coobie is available in 50+ Fashion Colors and Patterns
  • A Coobie provides a full size version up to a 42D
  • A Coobie is perfect for every day wear
  • A Coobie is fantastic to wear for yoga or pilate's
  • A Coobie is a blessing for new and nursing moms
  • A Coobie is great for sleep wear
  • A Coobie is a soft comfortable alternative for mastectomy patients
  • A Coobie is a great fit for ALL women!
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