Friday, April 4, 2014

Get Viva Vantage- Break up For Better-

I was a lucky recipient of an exciting sample share through Crowdtap- I was selected for the Viva Vantage paper towel sample opportunity.

I started with my bathroom sink.. Ewww- so many things [toothpaste/soap/shaving cream/hair products] cleaning the bathroom is definitelynot my favorite household chore.

Here's my before shot- You can see exactly how badly Viva Vantage was needed!
I really loved how nicely Viva absorbed the bathroom cleaner and proved to be super durable as I scrubbed the sink. The towel never tore and has a stretch to it, that is unbelievable. I actually had a roll of another brand of paper towel, but liked the Viva Vantage so much that I finished the Viva roll before my "prior" brand!

Still scrubbing.. Can you see the shine?

Now that's more like it!
Sorry Sweetheart, but you've been replaced..
#VivaVantage #Breakup4Better
Let's take a look and see what Theresa thought of Viva-
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