Monday, December 17, 2012

Rethink & Rediscover your Body Care

As an ALL YOU Reality Checker I jumped at the chance to sample Sauve's Rainforest Fresh Body Wash.

A little history on Suave-This brand has been around for seven decades and has always been compared with the higher end and specialty brands. I considered the brands suggestion of rethinking Suave and rediscovering the quality of their products.

The packaging was nice and I thoroughly enjoyed the bright turquoise color of the body wash (matches my upstairs bathroom decor)

The body wash exhibits a rich and fulfilling lather that rinsed clean with minimal effort. The fragrance was accurately described and left a pleasant, fresh, clean smell to my skin. I didn't notice any excess drying of my skin, and not a hint of irritation.
I would definitely recommend this product and perhaps some of the other enticing scents such as: Luscious Candy Apple , Milk and Honey, and Mango Mandarin.
More than half of American households choose Suave..

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