Sunday, December 16, 2012

3 Reasons why I love The XYZ the Tavern

We found this place on a whim and never looked back. I just can't express exactly how much Parks & I enjoy the deliciously prepared, fresh cuisine.
They have a simple menu, and daily specials that are listed on the chalkboard upon arrival. Whether you're heading to breakfast/brunch/dinner or late night appetizers and drinks, it's impossible to go wrong at the Tavern.
Their Ahi Seared Tuna-gnocchi & wings are amazing to put it mildly. I'm in love with the bruschetta served in a large goblet and just about anything on the menu- they do have desserts, thank you for asking .. Chocolate bread pudding anyone?
December's 3 favorite menu items:
1. The wings! Meaty and flavorful with a tiny kick!
2.The Angry Orchard Cider perfectly refreshing on any winter day
3. The Pan Seared Ahi Tuna w/Sticky rice and spring roll literally melts in your mouth
This is and will remain one of our staple tried & true spots!

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