Monday, December 3, 2012

The SECRET to finding your NICHE..

Count the next eight men you encounter in public today. They all sweat and produce odor and dirt that will accumulate and can eventually start to stink.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting brand called Niche for men. I immediately visited with intrigue.
The mention of ginseng, aloe vera, and revitalizing oils infused into these wipes interested me. I wasted no time requesting a sample and received it in days.
Men tend to feel emasculated when it comes to discussing male deodorizing products, but this "shower on the go" is different and I want to prove the skeptics wrong. No testosterone shall be lost.

My husband has a grueling job that includes inspecting houses. He gets dirty, sweaty , and does not remain fresh. I handed him the small black pack of cool, clean, confidence and waited.

He loved them. The packaging was simple and manly and they were so easy to throw in his work car and use throughout the day. He appreciated the pleasant scent over the pungent smell of cologne or other sanitizers he has used. The wipes were not drying or harsh on his skin or underarms, and he enjoyed the convenient individual packs for frequent use.
In ten days both packs were gone but not forgotten. Mr. Parks not only did not share his Niche, but demanded more and praised me on my choice of man swag.

My work here is done...

Have you found your Niche? How cool, clean, and confident are you?

*Niche for men supports our military overseas as well.
( )
to send Niche for men care packages to our troops!

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