Thursday, May 8, 2014

Can a little Hello Hydration Go that Extra Moisturizing Mile?

I certainly could not wait to try my Herbal Esssences Body Wash [Hello Hydration] which I received in my sample kit. I was enticed by the delicious scent of coconut extract and entranced by the tropical paradise that greeted me. I  started to lather up and lavish my welcoming skin with this new popular product, and honestly  thought that the coconut scent would greet me in a more intense manner, the fragrance was pleasant nevertheless.

I wanted to reach #TheHerbalistas status so I used my 1.2 oz. body wash daily until it was gone.
It takes a lot to keep my skin hydrated, and Hello Hydration did moisturize my skin effectively, but not for a significant amount of time. I was asked on more than one occasion, just exactly what kind of soap I had used by my coworkers, this was a great opportunity for me to plug the body wash and of course brag about getting the product for FREE through Crowdtap.
 Other Scents Include:
Body Burst
Happy Go Lather
Honey, I Smell Good
Totally Twisted

I would love to try the other fragrances, as the amazing scent has always been one of the most influential selling points of the  Herbal Essences brand.  I was hoping for more of  a rich lather than I encountered, but I feel this little wash did it's job.  Join today!
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