Friday, April 18, 2014

To Do List: Blog Reviews

I really love when my mailman brings me packages in the mail and I did say that I should be much nicer to him.. not that I'm mean to him.. but you get what I'm saying. Maybe I should gift him every now and again, although he is just doing his job. I can't express enough how much I truly love receiving free products on an almost daily basis.
So...I completely forgot about the membership I have with Tomoson..and I was excited to see that I now have enough Twitter followers and FB friends to apply/qualify for some really decent product reviews. If you haven't checked out before, please do. I have applied for quite a few products lately and have already been accepted for 4. It's really easy to join and the guidelines are simple to follow. Don't miss out just because it's your nap time.
I will be reviewing Adovia's All Natural Black Dead Sea Mud Soap, Insta Natural's 100% Pure Argan Oil & Phytoceramides capsules. I am willing to try any product that will keep me looking young and beautiful.

Stay close-I will be using these products for the next little bit and I will share my most honest heartfelt reviews in the very near future.


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