Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a...You can buy Target brands as low as $0.99 @ Marc's Discount Stores kind of day!

Who knew you could shop for Target clothing at other discount stores [In N.E. Ohio or Connecticut] that is! This lovely pair of Mossimo yoga pants was $1.99
These amazing black straight-legged Mossimo dress pants were $4.99
These amazing activewear/dryfit/racerback with built in bra tops were $2.99 [I bought 3 in very inviting bold colors/designs]
These stylish Mossimo Light Vintage Wash skinny jeans were $0.99 cents!
These soft durable colorful tees were 2 for $0.99 cents - [I bought 10]
I noticed one day while in Marc's [which is a discount closeout/grocery store] operating approximately 60 stores throughout Northeast Ohio and Connecticut, that the brands I was looking at were Target brands. I then proceeded to visit every Marc's within a 40 mile radius of my house, they all had different discounted Target brand items. I shopped in amazement. I take a trip every two weeks to find out what is new and as these stores are locally owned and opererated in N.E. Ohio, I don't share this juicy little tidbit with my friends, unless they read my blog of course! They also carry Target shoes, but not at all Marc's locations. If you're ever in my hood, I will direct you accordingly. Have a lovely day! LocalCeleb~
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