Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a Thrifted Black Patent Leather Colin Stuart Stiletto kind of day-otherwise known as Monday..

While I was enjoying my Saturday morning thrifting adventure, I was browsing through the shoes half-heartedly and came across these stunners..
Colin Stuart wasn't ringing a bell, so I quickly googled the name on my phone and then realized he was the gentleman who designs for Victoria's Secret..
The shoes were brand new, never been worn, there wasn't a scuff nor an aggravated tread on these babies..
I gently placed them in my cart .. staring at them for a minute- like I do most of my purchases. See.. I'm a little, ok VERY indecisive, and spending money on myself is for some reason difficult for me.. After a moment, I was off to seek more treasure..I paid $12.50 for them, because I wasn't willing to wait until half price Monday, these beauties may be gone by then.It hurt me just a little to pay more than $10 but after looking at the prices online, I'm satisfied I did ok..Your thoughts?
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