Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's a What the *CLUTCH* type of day! Was this thrifted Nicole Miller worth it?

I was thrifting this morning and wandered over by the clutches. I sorted through them carefully, looking for something that had substance..Then there it was.. staring at me in all of it's hot pink and silver studded glory..THE CLUTCH.. Made by Nicole Miller and so soft to the touch, I could tell it had never been used..
I opened the magnetic closure to find *bliss* A large open lined zippered pocket/a pocket in front of that, and another in front of that one..On the outside of those pockets is a six pocket credit card holder..
The bottom of the clutch embodies another large pocket, two smaller pockets and a mirror attached to a small silver chain, on the right is a small wallet with a snap..and there's of course a slide out clutch handle..
So my question is this.. Was this thrift worth it ? I paid $6.99 for it. I wasn't 100% on the retail of it, because I'm not up on my purse game as much as I should be.. So.. I need your help? Would you have purchased this clutch for the same price? Personally I love it and think it has great character and will be an awesome addition to my wardrobe..but now I'm asking YOU.. do tell..
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