Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's a BIG SCORE Thrift kind of day!

I scored a Banana Republic lined/ belted Trench (that fit absolutely perfect I might add)
Did I say a Banana Republic Trench, that would normally cost an arm and a leg?
I would like you to know, that I only paid $15 for this awesome trench!
I quickly snatched up a Michael Kors fitted khaki blazer with distinct detail on all of the pearlescent buttons (just what I was looking for)
Did I tell you that the Michael Kors brand is normally a very pricey brand?
I only paid a mere $7 for this flattering blazer, are you kidding me?! Wow!
I snagged an amazing Lands End lightly quilted Winter White, light jacket w/a baby pink inside shell.
BTW, this jacket was *NWT*
Can you believe I only paid $5 for this classy casual jacket?!
I did really well today my friends, I successfully found some deals and steals, if you are ever in my hood, look me up, I guarantee we will add something tremendous to your wardrobe. I can't wait to post the pictures in my new threads! SHOP *WISELY* MY FRIENDS! LocalCeleb~
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