Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a Saffron, Night out Pic, type of day!

Yesterday was lovely, it was a balmy 78 degrees so I had to change my entire outlook on what I had planned to wear for my night out.
I headed to Taza-A unique little Lebanese restaurant to meet my friend Rachel and chat about the *revamping* of my blog.(boy does it need it)
I went with Saffron, a nice warm gold colored Newport News jacket over a printed strapless top, I felt nothing but confident in this ensemble, can't you tell?
The strapless top is from Charlotte Russe, I love the turquoise and royal blues with flecks of Saffron contributing nicely to the jacket.
Don't forget the shoes! I love these charcoal gray Unlisted stacks, so fun, and just the right color for this stylish getup.
The Newport News jacket, lonely, waiting to brighten the evening with it's sophisticated flair.
Here I am with Rachel, she showed me her portfolio and had brilliant ideas on how I can enhance my blog, she is going to help me, help myself. I can hardly wait!
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