Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a HOT look for $40 Budget Fashionista type of day!

New York & Company Stretch top $5 Bernardo Pink fitted leather (This is one of my favorite jackets in the world, I mean after all, it is a pink leather!) $10
Express stretch black skinny jeans $5
Nine West black leather platforms $20
I am under the weather today, but I wanted to show you a simple look I've achieved spending less than $50. I would normally wear this trendy, fun look,out for drinks with friends, or to the movies. It's a very casual spin, but still sassy and chic enough to make a statement. I will post this outfit for you (on my physical body) later in the week, it looks much better that way! I am a bargain fashionista therefore it occasionally takes me a little longer to go over a store with a fashionista's eye, but I normally don't leave without a score. *Shopping for items in the off season is one of my favorite tips, you can end up with a *compliment worthy* $10 pink leather jacket that way. SHOP *WISELY* MY FRIENDS! LocalCeleb~
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