Sunday, November 6, 2011

All that *glitters* (My extreme $1 deals) and the upcoming Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine Gala!

*Update* I went back today! I shouldn't have but.... I did.. and why do they have even more of a selection than they did on Friday? The manager recognized that I was *already* a return customer, I told him I have a lifestyle blog and he said to "spread the word", told me about all of the other locations and told me to keep him posted.. Keep him posted..?? Glitter needs to stay out of my wallet! :) I will post today's finds this evening, my phone took really blurry shots during my makeshift, work desk photo opp!

The store looks like this.. They have a young girl handing out baskets at the door, notifying you that jewelry is only $1. You will need the basket, TAKE IT..

The locations available in Northeast OH are:

They closed the Borders bookstore downtown where I work, and in it's place they opened a store called *Glitter*. I was very curious, and quickly learned that all of jewelry items in the store, including polish, and accessories were only $1. One dollar? Yeah right.. I of course had to see for myself, so I took a quick dash in on my lunch break on Friday. I was expecting to find tons of cheap/tacky jewelry staring back at me, but was pleasantly surprised by what I found..

Earrings galore: hoops, gems, shells,wood, feathers and rhinestones..Can this really be happening?
I felt like I was losing my mind.. in a good way..

So many earrings and so little time, I was trying to hurry, as I was on my lunch hour, but the store was so huge and there were oh so many choices..

And then there were rings.. lots of them..

Really cute ones:lions and tigers and snakes, oh my!

Dragonflies and rhinestones

Aren't you just loving the details? So was I..

Ring heaven..

Did I mention the necklaces?

 I loved these two especially, they were actually made out of polished stones..

All the jewelry I needed, all in one place and only for $1.

This brass elephant on a black cord is such a great statement piece, I wore it today at my luncheon. It has really great rhinestone detailing.. The picture didn't do it justice.

Swoon..I'm infatuated with my finds..

Last look :)

I do indeed have some fabulous, fine jewelry in my collection, but I was so excited to find some really decent pieces that can enhance my every day wardrobe, for a bargain basement price.

(Now on to Part 2)

Mr. Parks and I will be black tie*ing* it up again this Saturday at the *Sparkle*,*Shimmer* &*Shine* Gala, therefore I felt these posts were kind of made for each other. This benefit is honoring the Chairman & CEO of my company, for his generous support regarding the Centers for Children's Intensive Therapy Clinic, and  his involvement in Northeast Ohio's non-profit community.

I am very excited to be involved in such an amazing fundraiser and have already purchased my dress for this event.. $15.00 out the door,(you really didn't think I would wear the same dress twice did you?) original price was $189.00 and yes.. I'm serious.. I'm a budget fashionista at heart..

Shop wisely my friends, and have a great start to your week!
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