Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prelude to my Oprah debut on Tuesday, Feeling Green..w/Excitement!

Hello and Happy Saturday! I am so excited to see my appearance on Oprah revisited on Tuesday November 8th on OWN, (I will make sure to send out a reminder to all) that I'm pretty much beside myself. I went to my m.i.l.'s birthday party tonight and it was a lot of fun. I really couldn't decide on what to wear and went back and forth between belt w/ the dress or no belt.. Mr. Parks liked it without, the belt made the dress hang kinda funny, and it was already pretty clingy because of my tights.

I was rushed in these photos, if you can't tell and was so excited to sport my new feather earrings that I purchased on Friday for a whopping $1. I'll fill you in on that post a little later, but every piece of jewelry, necklace,earring, bracelet,ring, polish or hair accessory was  a buck. Are you kidding me? I *cleaned* up in there.

I should have nabbed a quick shot of Mr. Parks in here, he looked so J. Crew tonight, remind me to catch a shot of him later. He really should have made GQ's list this year :)

Cheese! Happy Birthday Roberta, It's your day! Do you like my earrings?!

I liked this photo aside from the fact that I almost look pregnant, which I most certainly AM NOT.
Maybe I should have thrown the belt on for this one!

Green Dress> Tiana B. $7
Green/Red/Black Feather Earrings $1
Black high-heeled booties-Forever 21 $9.99

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