Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Set your DVR and catch my feature On Oprah's Lifeclass tonight @ 8 P.M. ET & 7 P.M. CT Lesson #22

*The webcast will be available on Friday, I will post it then*

Tonight my 2006 apperance on Oprah will be featured on her Lifeclass Lesson #22 on the OWN Network!
I am guessing from what the producers said, that it's the segment from almost six years ago, inclusive of a current day update on our lives, with a little..what we have learned/where are we now..   I will be watching this episode along with you, so I can't really tell you what to expect, how long the segment will be etc..You may not recognize me at first with my  Marsha Brady look and sweater set,[I posted it below so you know for sure] but there should be some updated pictures that  will have you pointing at the screen and yelling "That's her!"

My daughter hates this photo of herself, she really looks nothing like this now.

Here she is..with a current pic and a beautiful smile :)

Don't forget to tune in, I believe you can  join the classroom on facebook and her webcast as well:

*Available this Friday 11/11*

I'm excited to hear what everyone thought. Leave me a comment and tell me after the show..

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