Tuesday, March 6, 2012

**RE-CAP** BzzAgent.com has done it again, Bobbi loved her FREE sample of Ideal Balance!

Well Bobbi gobbled up her Free product sample I received so promptly through BzzAgent and Hill's Science Diet. She loved it and isn't even interested in her previous cat food anymore! As soon as I opened the bag, she was getting crazy in the bowl, I didn't expect the reaction I received from her and was very pleasantly surprised by how she attacked this food. I'm an investigator by nature, so I quickly read the ingredients which included fresh chicken, fruits & vegetables, including cranberries, whole grains, added vitamins and minerals among highly digestible protein.

This tasty food provides a balanced nutritious diet for your pet (yes, for dogs too!)
Check out the pet food comparison tool site here> http://www.hillspet.com/ideal-balance/ideal-balance-home.html

Visit BzzAgent today, and find out how to receive your free sample bag of Hill's Science Diet pet food, with free shipping. You won't be disappointed, Bobbi isn't!

Out little sweetie Bobbi (with an i, 'cuz she's a girl) is just as excited as we are to try:

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food. I was chosen exclusively by BzzAgent.com to receive a Free sample bag for Ms. Bobbi w/free shipping as well. How can you beat that? This pet food is perfectly balanced to deliver maximum health for your pet.
 Take a look at http://www.hillspet.com/ideal-balance/ideal-balance-home.html for a comparison of your current pet food to Ideal Balance, and then anxiously download your FREE bag rebate! (This includes food for dogs too!)

Bobbi and I will let you know just how much she loved her Ideal Balance when it arrives!
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