Sunday, September 25, 2011

It was a Bright Blue Akron Marathon Relay type of day!

The *Handsome* Mr Parks who completely smoked it as the last leg of his relay team.. I know....... right? I'm right there w/ya...:)
We spent yesterday morning and afternoon running in The Akron Marathon Relay. Didn't know I got my workout on like that did ya? Well.. Mr. Parks and I have been frequenting a personal trainer (right around the corner) since January and we love her. "Hey Nicole! " She has encouraged us to not only drop 40lbs each but she trains us for race events that we want to participate in, and even participates herself. Here are a few candids of the day, it was empowering and satisfying in every single way. I watched 70 year old men and women, running the marathon, a person w/a prosthetic leg,running next to me and every walk of life out there sweating and giving all they had..and YES.. I'm still fashionable even while I'm on my grind.. Let's have a great start to the week!
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